Although we primarily work on German cars at this facility, Our Bodyshop is open to all makes and models. We use the same materials on all of our jobs, so no matter what kind of car you own, you can expect the same high quality long lasting finish we use for BMW & Mercedes, backed by our lifetime waranty.

No one does a more profesional
job for less.

From old paint restorations to repairing collision damages to “Like new” conditions, We’ll make it as if the car just came off the showroom floor, for less than other High quality bodyshops, and we guarantee our work for life.

The Quality Difference:

Don’t be fooled! At other cheaper bodyshops where they charge just a few hundred dollars for a paint job, They are using inferior quality finish products that will only last upto a few years. This is because they are using what is called single stage paint systems, the older technology that car manufacturers used to use before the invent of Urethane systems. This paint system is durable for a few years, but lacks the shine and luster of the urethane systems, and begins to dull out almost immediately.

We use High quality Materials and paint systems from Germany, primarily BASF, the same paint brand that Mercedes and BMW currently use on their new manufactured vehicles. because of this, we can guarantee our paint and repair work for as long as you own the car.



We have many years experience in customizing your ride to the look you’ve been wanting, from Installing aftermarket Fiberglass/SBC/Carbon Fiber parts, full-body 3-stage candy custom paint jobs, We can do it all. We not only install the parts, but where possible, we will modify the part to get the best cleanest fit and look on the car. Customizations are not easy, and can get quite costly. If you are looking to get your car customized, we recommend you come in with your ride, and we can recommend the best route for you to go and quote you an estimate based on what we see.

Paint and Collision Repair:

We have and use the latest state of the art equipment to ensure your car is restored to factory standards. Our Laser measurement system and Cheetah framelasermessure machines, along with our many years experience handling such equipment, ensures an exact pull to the specifications set by the manufacturer of your vehicle, whether its just a slightly bent frame rail, or a total loss vehicle.

Our Downdraft filtered paint booths and high grade SATA and Iwata Paint guns ensure a clean

professional paint job every time. Leave your car to us, Your satisfaction and your safety is our #1 priority, so we will do it right the first time. Bring your car in for a FREE Estimate today!

We Guarantee our work for life!paintbooth

We warranty all repairs in our bodyshop against failure (separation from metal substrates, bubbling, etc), and warranty our paint against peeling, cracking, chipping (beyond what is normal for front body panels) and fading, for as long as you own your car. If any of these occur, bring it back here and we will fix it free of charge to you. There are some limitations to what can be warranted, such as rust, in such cases customer will be advised before accepting repairs.