Scheduled Maintance

All Cars require regular maintenance to make sure they stay in top working order.  Our BMW and Mercedes  certified technicians will inspect your vehicle from front to back,  ensuring that all fluids are at proper levels, and all worn out parts are recommended to be replaced.  

Neglecting even simple routine maintenance, such as oil changes, can lead to poor fuel economy, unreliability, or in worst case costly breakdowns sometimes requiring replacing the engine.  We recommend that you come in on every scheduled maintenance to ensure your car lasts you for many years to come.

Our service center provides an extensive range of repair and maintenance services including: 

  • tune-ups
  • oil changes
  • brake jobs
  • mufflers 
  • shocks and struts
  • tires
  • alignment
  • climate control
  • preventive maintenance
  • air conditioning service
  • exhaust
  • batteries service 

Call us at 770-434-6262 or contact us to schedule an Auto Repair Service Appointment Today! We use only genuine BMW, Mercededes, Mini, and Audi parts,  and our staff is continually trained to provide the most up-to-date service to your vehicle.